South Beach Diet progress

Another blog from MS Word. This is fun and easier than from Blogger. Sometimes when I am typing in Blogger, I’ve lost my posts (! Plus, you get all the advantages of Word.

Anyway, the topic of this one is my diet! Yeah!!! Yeah you say??? Yeah!!! When I first started the South Beach Diet, I felt awful for the first 4 days! Yeah you say, again??? I had a headache (from no caffeine) and I felt sluggish and grouchy. And why yeah you are still saying??? Because by the 5th day I felt incredible!!! I feel like I did when I was in my twenties! No aches, no pains, I have energy, I feel alert and bright and simply wonderful. I love being caffeine free! And although I don’t weight myself until tomorrow, I can tell I have lost a few pounds. Even Jeff and my kids say they can tell the “inner-tube” is smaller, and I feel smaller when they put their arms around me. So, YEAH!!!

The first week, was a week of adjusting; adjusting to eating differently, not drinking coffee every morning at work, of eating smaller portions more frequently and adjusting to how good I feel!!! Yes that is an adjustment. Jeff and I did start taking vitamins as well, when we started this, as well as fiber capsules (thank goodness!!!!). That probably has a part in it too, but I know the diet has had a huge impact in the way I feel.

I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and weigh myself. Tomorrow we can start Phase Two, but I am so excited about the way I feel now, I think I will stick with Phase One as much as possible. I am not hungry, and when I start to feel hunger, I can eat a small, carb free, low fat snack. We have found several foods which fit into our diet, and several snacks that tie you over till your next meal. Actually, most of the meals are like large snacks to me. But, I really love eating this way. I don’t ever feel overly stuffed, like I can’t breathe and have to undo my zipper! I do feel full and satisfied, however. Then, about 2 hours later, I eat a snack of fat-free hot dogs and reduced fat cheese, or a no sugar added fudgsicle (I probably eat too many of those, but they get me through and are very satisfying). We also eat lots of nuts, and sugar-free candy is good to suck on to get you through a moment of wanting something sweet.

Oh, and the sodas out there now. I know they aren’t good for you, but they have carb free, caffeine free, good tasting sodas! We do drink tea, which has some caffeine in it, and I love drinking it hot, English style, with cream and lemon. (Fat free cream of course).

Jeff and I have made some great dinners that we will save the recipes too, for the future! Steak with onions and herbs. Chicken with fried tomatoes and onions. Broiled flank steak with a yummy marinate! Just to name a few. And the salads we’ve enjoyed! With feta cheese, and I like to add peanuts to mine, for added crunch! Yum!

So, yeah!!! Yeah I say to a satisfying new diet, new lifestyle of eating. I can’t wait till I’m my high school weight, or at least look like I did in high school! Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow to blog about what the scale will say tomorrow morning!

Now, it’s off to bed! I have an ‘education day’ in Traverse City tomorrow, for work and we have to leave Gaylord at 7:00.

Good night and God bless!!!

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