Diet results and today’s events

Today was the first weigh-in on my new life style of eating. I was excited when I stepped on the scale and saw that I lost 7 lbs in the first two weeks on the South Beach Diet!!! Yeah!!! Now I will weigh myself every Monday to keep track of the progress. Today, we are to start Phase Two which is slowly introducing carbs back into your diet. Well…we had this “education day” for work today, in Traverse City. They had NO carb free foods for breakfast!!! They had all pastries! No diet soda either! So I drank water. But, for lunch they had lunch meat and cheese, and there were a variety of breads to choose from. I did have one piece of bread, wheat, and put some of the meat and cheese on it with some mustard and mayo. But, then, they had these awesome cherry cheesecake desserts. I ate more than half of it!!! Oh and they had really good potato salad, which I ate about ½ of it too. So, I don’t think that qualifies as slowly introducing carbs back into my diet! And, I have to say, I felt like crap after about ½ an hour! I had mild heartburn, and I felt sluggish. So! No more of that!!! Back to the eating low carb, low fat stuff. I just feel so much better.

Tomorrow, I don’t have to go to work till 11:00 because I worked 3 ½ hours over last week, and we can’t have any overtime right now, so Cheryl is letting me go in late. Yeah!!! So, I get to sleep in with my husband tomorrow, who is on evenings right now. I am trying to stay awake as late as possible, but will probably hit the sack soon. I am soooo tired!!!

I didn’t sleep well last night and had to get up at 5:30 today to be in TC by 8:30. I rode with Kellie, my co-worker. Our other co-worker Christy was supposed to ride with us, but she, oh, forgot about the seminar today. So, when it got to be 7:15, we called her on her cell. When I asked where she was, she was like…I’m on my way…in a questioning sort of tone (like why the heck am I asking her this!) And when I asked if she forgot about being in TC…she went…”holy moly!!!!” I forgot!!! I am so sorry!!! It was kind of funny. I don’t know how she forgot really, but it is kind of funny. So, she ended up driving herself to TC. She lives in Cheboygan, so there was no way she was going to make it to Gaylord on time. Kellie and I were right on time to the education day, and poor Christy was about 20 minutes late.

So, now I am just hanging out at home, by myself, playing games on the computer and now typing this blog. I am super tired!!! I should go to bed now, so I can get a good nights sleep and get up and make breakfast and have a nice relaxing morning…or, I can sleep in till 9:30 and get caught up on my sleep! Hmmmmm, choices, choices! I guess I will see how I feel in the morning and what time my husband gets up (

Good night! Sleep tight! God Bless!

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