This Christmas is the best Christmas I’ve ever had! It was virtually stress free and it was a true joy watching the kids unwrap their gifts this year. I feel like they received some of the things they truly needed, not just a bunch of junk. And, we were able to bless other families and friends, that I’ve never been able to financially. That was a blessing to me!

We spent Christmas Eve with my mom, my brother and his wife and kids and my nephew, Dustin. We had a lovely dinner and played our usual Christmas game, Pick or Steal. (I just named it). We all buy five $5.00 items, wrap them, and everyone puts them in a pile on the floor. Then we all draw 5 numbers, and when your number comes up, you can pick from the pile or steal from someone. If you steal, then the person you stole from gets your number and they get to pick from the pile or steal. But, you can only steal once, so there’s no going back and forth.

We got home about 9:00 Christmas Eve. Jeff is on midnights this week. We had some final wrapping to do (not much, because I was able to keep up with it as I bought the presents 🙂 thank you Lord) and some stocking stuffing to do. Then about 10:00 ish, Trisha called and asked if they could stay the night, because it would seem more like Christmas that way. Of course they could, I said. So, she and Ben and Kaleb and Karlie came and stayed the night. And they were right, it did seem more like Christmas that way.

Karlie and I awoke around 7:00 am. I got up to lay the stockings out (we don’t have a fire place) and finish getting the breakfast buffet ready. We had bagels, and cereal, and doughnuts, coffee and juice. I thought I’d have stuff they could eat when they desired, and that I didn’t have to cook. Jeff got home at 8:30 and Brandon and Christina arrived about 8:45. The opening began! It was fun. We did our usual style of opening; start with the youngest (Karlie) then when she was done, she’d pick one out for the next youngest (Kaleb) and so on. It took us about 2.5 – 3 hours. I got a Hamilton Beach coffee center (fabulous), a Scum Buster (both of those were on my list by the way), a flat iron for my hair, a beautiful sweater, a camisoul, a blouse, some earrings, some perfume, some body wash and face wash, some lip gloss and chap stick, and an Old Navy gift card! Everything I could have wanted! Jeff did a great job shopping for me. I felt like he really had me in mind! Yeah!!!

So, today, I am going to take back a pair of Karlie’s jeans (she needs one size bigger), and Brandon’s coffee mug (it was cracked out of the package). And then, I may hit Old Navy and use my gift card to get some more clothes for work and church.

I am thankful I had the day off today! I was able to relax yesterday afternoon, but this morning I slept till 11:00!!! I haven’t done that in a long time! I think I needed it! I may wait till Jeff gets up before we go into town, since it is already 1:00 and I haven’t showered yet, and I still have a ton of laundry to do!!!

Life goes on! Why can’t every day be Christmas? Then it wouldn’t be special would it? But, we can and should continue to have a giving spirit by helping out those who aren’t as fortunate as we and by spreading love and joy to those around us everyday!

That is my prayer for each of you!

God loves you and so do I!

Have a Happy New Year!!!!

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