My Kids

I have a lot on my mind, specifically regarding my kids….all 4 of them! First of all, my oldest, Trisha, is getting married! For real!!! October 22 is the date. So, she has been reading countless books and magazines on the subject, which is great! She’s getting all kinds of ideas and it looks like she will do just fine at organizing the event. She commented to me a few days ago, that she is glad she was in charge of planning and organizing the dances at school. It makes this seem not so hard. I am very proud of her! She and Ben will be getting married at the First United Methodist Church, here in Gaylord (aka Jeff’s church). I am so excited about that! It is a very pretty church, and great set up for weddings. Rev. Naile is gracious enough to allow her to use the church due to her affiliation with Jeff. God is so good!

Trisha and Ben have known each other since 7th or 8th grade. They were “boyfriend/girlfriend” in 8th grade. They split up, did their seperate things, and then reunited after Trisha graduated high school (somewhere in there). I always knew she would marry Ben, as did his parents. Funny how we know these things, us parents! We will be dress shopping coming up May 7th. That will be fun and exciting. She doesn’t have a ring yet though. They have an idea of the ring Ben will get her, it’s just a matter of getting it.

That’s the exciting news about Trisha. Next is Brandon. He got into some trouble last month, and is paying the consequences. It seems he is learning from his mistake which is good. I just hope he remembers the consequences so he doesn’t fall back into the things that got him in trouble in the first place. He says he is making changes, changing friends, so he doesn’t start doing the things he was again. But, living under his dad’s roof, doesn’t help. His dad does those very things himself, so one can only imagine where Brandon learned it from. Which leads me to my other kids, Kaleb and Karlie.

They are living under the same roof as Brandon, so they too are being led by example, into things that, if they follow in their father’s footsteps, may get them into trouble in the future. I cannot allow that! So, I am going to ask them to come live with me. If they choose to live with me of their own free will, Friend of the Court will honor that decision. If they don’t want to for whatever reason, then I will fight for them. Yes, it’s more fun at their dad’s. He has bought them 4-wheelers, dirt-bikes, a trampolene, PlayStations, drum sets, you name it. All the materialistic stuff. So, yes, it is more fun there. But, I hope they see the difference in material things and living a godly life, which is what I try my best to do. They have commented to me in the recent past, that they can see the wrong things their dad does…they have seen his stuff first hand, they’ve admitted to me. Kaleb called his dad a hypocrite to me a couple of weeks ago during a venting session he had. So, as their mother, I am going to step in and hopefully, “save” my kids from a troublesome future, before it’s too late.

So, please be praying for me, and them, and Jeff, as we begin this “battle” for my kids. Jeff and I have some fears about this and how the four of us will get along under the same roof in the future. Jeff keeps telling me not to fear about this, but to trust God to lead us through this phase. God is encouraging Jeff through things that he hears from sermons and bible passages that he reads. So he tells me everything, could be bumpy, but it will work out.

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