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Today, tonight I should say, my Sweetie, Jeff, is at his Ham radio special event, and I am at my friend Tishia’s. She is so nice to let me use her computer. I am so proud of myself that I remembered how to add a link to my blog template, after Jeff just showing me once! Yeah! I added my sister, Christie’s blog, to my blog. And Jeff showed me how to make a link within my blog post, as well. He’s such an intelligent person! Ok, I know I am being kinda silly right now, but that is the mood I am in.

So, stuff….(I mentioned “stuff” in my title). Jeff and I are really really happy :). And we are discovering more and more about each other. His dad made some very nice comments on his blog about how Jeff and I are “vetting”. I recommend reading it. (Notice how I linked it.)

I don’t know what else to write about at this moment, so I am going to save this as a draft for now, and maybe come back to it later. Tishia and I are going to watch a movie.

Well, it’s Monday now. I am at work, waiting for documents to come in so I can finish my files. I had a great weekend! Jeff got finished with his ham radio special event early on Saturday, and to my surprise I might add, called me at 5:00 and then came over. We spent the evening with my kids, playing games. It was great! We played “Hitch Hiker”. We put two chairs in the middle of the floor, and there is a driver and a hitch hiker. The driver ‘picks up’ the hitch hiker and the driver has to ‘catch’ the hitch hikers personality. When the driver catches their personality, the driver pulls over and the hitch hiker becomes the driver. Then another hitch hiker comes up, as soon as they think of a personality to be, and the driver picks them up, and the game is repeated. There is no objective to the game, no winners or losers, just plain fun! I think Jeff and I had a little bit of a hard time in the beginning thinking of personalities, but once we got going, it became easier. My favorite was when he chose to be dracula! Then, Sunday, we went to first service at my church, and 2nd at his. We had to get up in the middle of Pastor Steve’s message, however, so Jeff could make it to his church by 10:15 to sing in the choir. Later that afternoon, we had an opportunity to explain to Pastor Steve the reason for us leaving in the middle of his sermon. He did mention that he was thinking about teasing us as we were leaving, but he changed his mind, as he didn’t want us to be embarrassed, especially since it was Jeff’s first visit to a regular service at our church. I’m glad he didn’t tease us, because I get picked on enough by Pastor Steve! (A topic for another blog?) The rest of the afternoon, evening went well, for the most part. The Christmas Musicale at Jeff’s church was last evening as well. Well, Jeff thought it started at 6:30, when in fact it started at 6:00. He was disappointed that he was late, and missed singing with the men’s group. I was disappointed too that I didn’t get to hear Jeff sing with the men’s group, but was happy that I did get to see him sing with the full choir later. After the Musicale we went and joined the Senior High youth group. That was interesting and entertaining! I got to meet some of Jeff’s “kids”, who are an important part of his life, so that meant alot to me. Then we spent the rest of the evening at my apartment talking and spending time together, and just falling more in love with each other. It was a great weekend!!!

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