My Child is turning 21!

I am sitting here, at work, on lunch, once again. It seems to be a good time to let my mind relax, so I can post a blog!

I had lunch with my two oldest children, Trisha and Brandon, yesterday. And we were discussing my daughter’s up-coming 21st birthday, making plans, etc. Well, today, while working, my mind keeps “freaking out” that my oldest child is turning 21! I normally don’t have a problem with my age, (except this last birthday-it was a “biggie”). I seem to have more of a “problem” with Trisha’s. I don’t even have a “problem” with my youngest getting older (she is 12 now). Just Trisha! So, I ask myself, “why?” Why does it bother me so much when Trisha gets older? I remember when Trisha turned 13. It was weird, then, to think that I have a teenage daughter! Then when she turned 16, the whole driver’s training thing! Oh my! She did very well though, except the time she side swiped a car 🙂 Then it was 18, then graduation, and now 21! I have an adult daughter! How can I have an adult child!??! I am only 25! Ok,not really, but I feel only 25! I think that’s why it is so weird to me, because I am not where I pictured myself being at my age of….ok….40. (Yes I have a problem admitting that I am 40). I pictured myself uh, married…still, with kids, a career (as opposed to just a job!) a nice house, established, settled, accomplishing something important…you know, the way most people picture themselves. Well, I was married, do have kids, and I do have a good job (almost a career I guess you could say). Nice house? Uh, no, not yet. Established, settled, no, but working on it! Accomplished? YES! I have 4 beautiful, awesome children! I gave birth to them, and raised them to be GREAT! kids. And they truly are GREAT kids! I am so proud of each of them. They are good kids, they don’t get into trouble (except when they get mouthy!) They each have gifts and talents, some they inherited from me and some they inherited from their dad, but most of all they are God given, that they use daily and will continue to utilize and develop as they grow. It’s so exciting to watch! So, even though I didn’t go to college, well finish college, or have done “anything with my life” from a secular standpoint, I have accomplished a great thing-4 great things! And even though I have not always had a relationship with God, and have not always turned to God, He has guided me and directed me to be right where I am, right now. He has been there for me each and every step of the way, even when I didn’t know it. So, now that I have laid this all out in my post, it all boils down to….I am happy with what I have accomplished in my life! And if God wants me to do something more, something “important” with my life, then He will take me down that path as well. It’s all in His hands!

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