How others see me

Tonight was our annual banquet at church. It was fun and interesting. We had a great dinner catered in, a video slide show, which there were approximately 5 pictures with me in them. Some were good, some not so good! But, oh well! So, I am at my friend Tishia’s now, with Angel and Don as well, and we are reflecting about the banquet, all except Tishia, because she didn’t go.

Tishia sent me an email to Test Your Personality and Love Style. So, I took it and as I was answering the questions, Don and Tishia were behind me, giving their views of how I should answer them. Don’s were quite a bit different than mine and Tishia’s. Now, this could be because A) Tishia knows me better and/or B) because Don is a guy. I think it is a little of both. Don knows me pretty well, but I think because he is a guy, he sees me different. I think Tishia sees the me I want to be and strive to be, but Don sees the real me, where I struggle, where I am right now. Therefore, the way they thought I should have answered the questions, could both be correct, somewhat. When I got two extremely different answers from them, I chose somewhere in the middle (it was a rating system). It was an interesting test, and if I knew how to put the link on this blog post, I would….maybe I will know how to do that by tomorrow night. 🙂

Well, time to let Tishia have her computer back.

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