First Visit to Jeff’s Church

Today was the first time that I visited Jeff’s church as part of a regular Sunday morning service. I was nervous, I must say. I was nervous just due to the unfamiliarity of attending a different church, where I’m not accustomed to the “way they do things”. Jeff is Methodist and I attend a charismatic church. So there are some very big differences in the way we worship God. (“We” being our different churches). I was glad that I was familiar with his church as far as the building itself goes, due to my involvment in Emmaus and that is the church where I took my walk. But one of the first things I noticed as we walked in was the smell. The smell reminded me of when I was little, and we attended a Presbyterian church in Las Cruces. Its funny how scents and smells can trigger so many memories. Anyway, I was warmly welcomed, and per Jeff’s direction, I sat in one of the pews by the windows so when he was done with his part in the choir, he could find me easily. Well, that of course was no problem-he finding me-because as the choir assembled in at the back of the sanctuary, I turned around and saw his smiling face, and he waved at me, ever so cutely! Not wanting to look like a big dork, I just smiled at him. Then the choir made their way to the front of the sanctuary, as they sang “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, which was very nice! I really enjoyed seeing Jeff participating in the choir. As they sang more hymns, I was dissapointed because I could not see Jeff because the choir director was standing right in front of him. But, I did notice Jeff trying to take a peek at me around the choir director! And later he admitted to doing that! Then when the choir was dismissed, Jeff came and sat next to me. That was a great moment. The two of us sitting next to each other, in a regular church service, for the first time, as a couple. It felt really really nice. We sang a couple more hymns which I am not familiar with at all, being raised a Jehovah’s Witness, and now attending a charismatic church. I do know, or rather am familiar with some hymns because my mom used to play them on her piano when I was growing up. But the two we sang today, were not familiar at all. So, I didn’t sing. But, I did get to hear Jeff singing next to me. That was very nice. He has an awesome voice! Wooohooo! Reverend Naile gave a nice message on how Jesus will return to the earth as a thief will come in the night when no one is expecting it. Then we were dismissed. I was introduced to Paul, the youth Pastor and Jeff’s friend, and Paul’s wife Lisa. They were very nice. Then Jeff and I walked out to the hallway, and ran into Marie, and she was ecstatic to see us together. She said, “I heard this rumor!” and as she lifted Jeffs choir robe sleeve to see if we were holding hands (and we were) she said, “I am glad it’s not a rumor! It’s a God thing!” That was great! Then Jeff introduced me to one of his “kids”, Heidi. She used to be in the youth group, but is now in college. She was very nice and out going. We actually chatted this afternoon on MSN messenger. She said I seemed nice and when Jeff told her I was sitting right next to him, she made a joke about him sending her flowers. I think we will get along great!!! Then we went into the fellowship hall and I ran into Shari. I know her through work actually, and when I told her that Jeff is my boyfriend, she grinned from ear to ear, and actually giggled! She was so excited, and she told me how great Jeff was! That’s so cool to hear! I know he’s awesome, and to hear others confirm it, makes it even better. I also met Paul’s Mom, Barb, she wanted to hear the whole story of how we met…we gave her the condensed version. I also met Jeff’s friends, the Coopers, whom I already knew through work. Well, I sort of know them, I know who they are I guess I should say, since they closed at our office. Jeff officially introduced us, and they seemed very nice and happy for us. And as we were leaving, Jeff introduced me to the organist, Shirley, I think her name is???? Sorry, if that’s not right. But, she asked me if I sing, and I said yes, reluctantly. She said Jeff sings and has a very nice voice, and I agreed! She mentioned how good he is with the youth, and everything else he does. I told her I know he is awesome, I think so too! So, it was a very nice day at church today, meeting some of Jeff’s church family and friends. I hope to get to know more of them!

We came back to his house, and we had a really nice talk. We went through some more questions in our book we are doing together as a couple. It really opens the doors of communication. It is so nice that he trusts me and I know I can trust him with everything. I have no fear of saying something that might scare him off now. Thank you Jeff for that and everything else you have brought into my life. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us! It’s going to be fun and awesome!

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