Alot about nothing

Today, I am going to just type. I have 10 minutes left on my lunch break, so this post may be full of typos, just rambled thoughts, or a bunch of nothing…who knows!

I am back at work after my 5 day vacation. It actually feels good to be back, even though I am swamped, and have a stack of files to go through and sort out. (I got most of the sorting done, now I just have to deal with each of them!) But, I work with great people like my job, so that helps the stacks not be so bad to deal with.

So, Bush won! yeah! It’s all in God’s hands, and I trust in Him completely to lead our nation in the direction its going. If Kerry won, I know that would be God’s plan as well. There are so many people praying for our nation, and God will not let us down! He loves each and every person on this Earth, no matter what religion, nationality, race, etc. that they are!

I have 4 minutes left! So, I better quit typing, and get everything ready to get back to work.

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