Where Have I Been???

cropped-avon-beauty-boss-profile-image-1.png My goodness! My apologies for not posting here more often! Where have I been, you might be asking? Well, I’ve been busy! LOL! I’ve had 2 birthdays since my last post on here….I can’t believe that!!!! And I’ve been posting over at You. Beautifully. I’ve also been running my Avon business, as well as working at my church as the administrative assistant. I’ve been busy having fun with my 4 grand kids and kids, as well as hanging out with my awesome hubby!

I’ve also been using social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you’d like you can follow me there.

Hubby and I have been traveling more and I’ve become obsessed with the beach and ocean!!! Haha! I love the smell of the salty sea air, the reflection of the sun on the water, especially in the morning, the warmth of the sun on my face and body, walking on the beach and feeling the sand between my toes, collecting sea shells and other beachy stuff! My favorite places so far are Myrtle Beach and Cocoa Beach. But we plan on exploring many other beaches in our travels.

I’m not sure what else to type about right now, lol. But hopefully I will keep this site up to date better from now on!



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Turning 50 and All That Entails (for me!)

The Big 5-0 is quickly approaching!!!! I can’t even believe I’m that old!!! LOL! Here are some of my thoughts on it:

1. ย I don’t FEEL 50. Well, let me rephrase that. I don’t think of myself as 50! Physically I feel 50….stiffness, achy-ness, tiredness, and of course the lovely menopausal symptoms. But, I guess how I would put it is, looking from the inside out, I don’t feel 50. I still think of myself as 25. Does that make any sense at all?

2. I don’t want to think of myself as “old” although that is a really big struggle for me right now! I remember when I was 125 lbs. and thought of myself as fat and so I got fat because I had no idea how to be not fat. So, now that I’m turning 50 very soon, I don’t want to become “old” because I keep thinking of myself as “old”. Does that make any sense???

3. I missed my goal of being my ideal weight that I set for myself last year. I am proud to say I have lost some of the weight, but no where near what I wanted. I have another goal though, to lose 50 lbs. by our next cruise in January 2015! Yes, we are going on another cruise!!!! I’m so excited. I would really love to be 50 lbs. lighter and much more toned than I am now. What am I doing to get there??? Trying to eat low carb and I have started walking/running with one of my best friends. I need to do better at the low carb thing and need to up my exercise more if I’m going to reach my goal! It’s a daily struggle!!!!

4. I don’t want to LOOK 50!!! I refuse to have short, bluish-purplish hair and wear elastic waist jeans! For me, 50 is the age where I’ve begun to imagine myself at 70, 80 or 90. What will I look like? How will I dress? How will I wear my hair??? I can’t imagine not dressing somewhat stylish, or wearing my hair short and grey!!! Or even long and grey! But, then again I’ve seen some 80 year old ladies who color their hair and wear it long, and I’m not so sure about that either! What a dilemma! Ha. I guess I’ll have to wait till I reach that point to see what I’m most comfortable with. For now, I will continue to color my hair, wear it long and dress the way I do. (I think it’s fashionable?)

That’s about it. I’m just freaking out a little about turning 50, but I’m sure I’ll sail through it and the day won’t feel any different than the rest. I know one day I’ll look back at when I was 50 and think it was young! LOL. I hope I haven’t offended anyone by thinking 50 is old!

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AVON Go-Getter Cruise 2014

We just got home, late last night from the first annual Avon Go-Getters Cruise! It was amazing!!!!

The purpose of the cruise was to learn from the best in Avon, SEUL’s (aka Senior Executive Unit Leaders). So, the 2 days we were at sea, we attended workshops with presentations from various SEUL’s. Basically, it was SEUL school…and it was very inspirational and motivational!

My friend and upline, Liz and her hubby went, as well as my friend, Alice and her hubby (who is also Liz’s son) went. We left last Friday and drove to Detroit in a snow storm to get on the airplane. We landed in Tampa about 1:30 pm. And though it was “chilly”, it was sunny and beautiful! 56 degrees felt like summer to us!

Florida sunshine!

Florida sunshine!

We got a free shuttle from the airport to our hotel, which was in St. Petersburg. My daughter works for a Marriott resort, so we got her wonderful discount! After settling into our hotel rooms, we got a shuttle to a nearby shopping center and had dinner at a restaurant called BJ’s. It was phenomenal! Service, drinks and food was fantastic! After dinner, we walked over to Target and picked up a few items we “needed” for the cruise.

Good food, good drinks, good times!

Good food, good drinks, good times!

The next morning, we got up, had the shuttle take us to Starbucks for coffee and a quick bite. The shuttle then took us to the airport, where we got a Taxi to take us to port to board the ship. We sailed Royal Caribbean, Brilliance of the Seas. Boarding was fairly easy and didn’t take long at all.

ship ย 

ย Once we were on the ship, we walked around and took some pictures….lots of pictures. The views were so fantastic! And ships are something we don’t see everyday, so we were taking in as much as possible. Jeff loved being on a ship again and I certainly didn’t mind! LOL.

We had our first dinner on the ship in the main dining room and met our table mates for the entire cruise. Jeff and I had the amazing pleasure of sitting with two SEUL’s who also were speakers the next morning, Lori Yanuck and Charlotte Popp. Jeff picked up right away that Lori was from Western Pennsylvania by her accent. Everyone at our table was fun and I learned a lot just from dining with them!

The next day, was a sea day, so it was SEUL school day! We got up early and didn’t grab breakfast or even coffee! Gasp! Lori and Charlotte both spoke that morning, along with a couple others. After the morning session, we had an hour and 20 minute break. By this time we were out to sea and the temps were rising. The sun was warm and the sea was amazing! I didn’t want to go back and sit in an enclosed room….I wanted to be outside in the sun! So, I decided I could skip the next session, since it was on men in Avon anyway. Then I decided I could skip the next session and the next. I really wanted to go, but I really needed the sun more! LOL.

I did go to all of the sessions the next day at sea, when we were returning back to Tampa. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jeff and I decided we would do the 7 Mile Beach Break on Grand Cayman Island. It comes with a complementary drink. Ha. We also spent $37 on 2 burgers and fries. LOL. Before we arrived at the beach, we got a tour of the island, which was beautiful, but I would rather have spent all the time on the beach.

The next day, we went to Cozumel, and again we chose a beach excursion. This one included unlimited drinks and food! It was the best! We got to relax and swim, get some sun and sand on our toes!

The last day at sea, I attended the workshops and am so glad I did! It was cooler outside and I gained a lot of inspiration and motivation from all of the speakers. My goal is to make SEUL by campaign 15!!!!

Oh, also, I’m going to paint the interior of our house in colors inspired by the Caribbean! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want/need it to feel warm and cozy and beachy! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you would like to go on trips like cruises to the Caribbean, or Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Jamaica (just to name a few), I can tell you how. Becoming an AVON rep doesn’t require a huge investment….it’s only $10!!! You can make it a career or a way to make extra money to do things you love. Either way, you’ll get all the training and support you need, a free website and online store to sell anywhere in the US, up to 50% earnings on sales, and much more. Just go to to www.startavon.com and enter marylutz in the reference code box. Achieve YOUR dreams in 20-14!!!!

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My Journey to Being Who God Created Me to Be

Well it’s been a busy morning around here. I’ve been updating all my blogs and social networking sites with a new photo and just making sure all my info is up to date. And basically just freshening things up a bit. So, I thought I would blog! Ha! Once again, it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything here. Ugh. I guess I’ve just not been inspired to write lately. Probably because I’ve been so busy with my Avon business and the youth ministry.

Anyway, my Avon business is growing like crazy lately, customer wise, that is. I’ve been working on my marketing strategies and it seems to be paying off. I do need to get out and do more prospecting though!

On another topic, Jeff and I have been the youth leaders of Life Church since January of 2012. We both feel things are going really well there and we are seeing growth both spiritually and numerically in our youth. We are both working on delivering effective and relevant messages to our youth, which is a step out of my comfort zone for sure!

Weight loss wise, I’m back on track and have lost 24 lbs since the end of September. October 1, I started using My Fitness Pal and have lost 18.8 since then. I’ve basically cut out sugar and wheat from my diet and it seems to be working. I also try to stay below 60g of carbs per day and eat lots of protein. So far, it’s been working and I don’t feel deprived of anything. Once in a while, especially since the Holidays, I’ve wanted some crap, but for the most part I am doing pretty well eating healthier.

Jeff and I are going on a cruise in January!!!! I can’t wait for warm weather, sunshine, and blue ocean water!!! And my youngest daughter is getting married in June! So, two great incentives to lose weight, right?! Plus I just want to look and feel good!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fit and fabulous by 50 is my new motto, lol! Ugh, did I just say 50??? Not looking forward to THAT! Better than the alternative, I suppose. LOL.

Here are some before and now pictures of my weight loss journey so far. The one on the left was taken this summer and the one on the right was taken in November, when I had only lost about 15 lbs or so. I’ll take more later, when I’m feeling up to it. LOL

1059229_10151659309848851_1825830769_n me-11.16.13

Well, that’s about it for now. Just wanted to send out a quick update to you all. Have a very Happy New Year!

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Journey to a New Me Update

I’m not sure what day I’m on in my journey to a new me because I’m not very good at updating my blog (as you probably guessed if you’ve been following it at all). Anyway, I’ve struggling.

What I’ve been struggling with is basically knowing what is healthy and what is not. There’s so much conflicting information out there, it’s nuts!

My daughter has been doing a lot of research and she is pretty much doing gluten and dairy free. She’s lost several pounds just in the couple of months she’s been doing this. So, I’m trying to stick to that sort of thing.

I’ve also been working on not eating after 6pm and if I do, then it’s an apple or banana. In addition, I’ve also been trying to eat more fruits and veggies over bread and dairy. I haven’t had a bowl of cereal in a couple of weeks!!! I miss cereal!!! LOL. If I do eat bread, I try to stick to whole grain and only have one or 2 slices a day.

I did work out today at the gym for an hour. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill…walked 1.2 miles in 20 minutes, then did some weight machines and floor exercises. I think my thighs are going to kill me tomorrow.

I’ve weighed myself and have lost a few pounds. I weighed myself a few days ago and was down to 233.4, which is great! I’m trying not to be super scale conscious though, so I probably won’t weigh myself again for a while.

My jeans are looser too ๐Ÿ™‚ which is a nice non-scale victory!

I guess that’s about it for now. Just wanted to check in and let you know how things are going.

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Days 3 & 4 to the New Me

I was super busy yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to do the update. And right this moment I can’t remember everything I ate. LOL. I’ll do my best though.



  • 2 eggs and cheese
  • 2 cups black coffee


  • 1/2 Jimmy John’s Bootlegger Club sandwich on whole grain bread
  • 1 small bag jalapeno chips
  • diet lipton citrus and green tea


  • 1 slice of meat pizza
  • celery stick with cream cheese
  • diet lipton citrus and green tea


  • 1 small apple
  • 1/2 small banana
  • 3 mini york peppermint patties

I think that’s it???


Breakfast: I had an Avon appointment in Cheboygan this morning, so I ate on the road.

  • 1 breakfast burrito from McDonald’s
  • hashbrowns
  • large black coffee


  • finished the other 1/2 of my JJ sandwich
  • raw almonds with sea salt


  • Homemade chicken pot pie with little crust
  • apple, green leafy lettuce mix, walnut salad with cinnamon dressing
  • water

That’s it so far. I might have a small snack here in a bit. Maybe some cheese and almonds.

I weighed myself yesterday and the scale said 235. I doubt if I lost a true 3lbs, but I will weigh myself again in a couple of days. I’ve been fluctuating between 234 and 235 forย  a while. The 238 could have been due to some water weight from traveling prior that week when I decided to do this.


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Day 2 to the New Me

If you’re wondering why I am counting today as Day 2 instead of yesterday, it’s because on Sunday’s I have a celebration day (or as some may call it, a cheat day). And I also want to clarify that I misspoke when I said I was going low-carb. The kind of eating lifestyle I’m actually following would more accurately be labeled as wheat free.

I’m basically going to be following an almost gluten free diet as well. I’m just beginning this and learning along the way, so forgive me if my terms aren’t exactly correct.

I know I need to cut out the wheat and probably the gluten too. My oldest daughter has been following a non-dairy, gluten free diet due to ulcerative colitis and she is loving the results. In addition to the healthier digestive system, her skin is also clearing up and she is losing some weight. I don’t have any intestinal problems (that are apparent, that is) or any skin problems, but I definitely want to be healthier and I do believe a healthy gut is important to overall health.

With all that being said, here is my update for today. ๐Ÿ™‚



  • 2 cups black coffee


  • Orange chicken salad from Applebee’s (lunch size)
  • French onion soup from Applebee’s (lunch size)
  • Water with lemon


  • Cabbage rolls filled with veggies
  • Au gratin potatoes with green chilies
  • Chicken casserole with veggies


  • 1 glass Sangria
  • 1 small apple

I feel pretty good about my food choices today, except for not eating breakfast. I need to get better at that. I get in such a hurry in the morning sometimes I don’t take time to eat.

Mom made dinner and everything was veggie-licious! At lunch I had small portions and though I could have ordered another helping of the salad and soup, I didn’t because I was no longer hungry but wasn’t stuffed.

I’m trying to learn not to eat until I’m stuffed, but instead stop as soon the hunger subsides. Doing this often leads to feeling hungry sooner, so that’s when I’m trying to reach for an apple, orange, or some nuts to tide me over until my next meal.

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